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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Distressed Commercial Mortgages Purchased by Investors

Miami Beach, Florida - The commercial real estate news today centers around distressed properties and distressed commercial mortgages. Recently a private investment firm which invest in and purchases distressed commercial mortgages. This private investment company specializes in buying distressed commercial real estate also. This Investment Company bought the $33.4 million debt in residential and commercial mortgages. These mortgages are all around Palm Beach County, Broward County as well as the Miami - Dade area. The Cheap Miami Car Insurance agency works these areas of Florida proving quotes with no obligations.

Buying Distressed Commercial Real Estate Debt

The investment company is RER Equities. They acquired the 51 mortgage notes from EuroBank, which is a Coral Gables based subsidiary of Banco do Brasil. RER Equities Inc. has a Company Profile which shows them headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. This prime office is in a DC suburb, and has offices in Coral Gables, Florida. RER Equities, Inc. has been acquiring distressed commercial real estate related loans throughout the eastern United States since its inception in 1989. This investment company is a member of the RER Financial Group, LLC, which is a nationwide financial services firm.

Distressed Commercial Real Estate Investments

This was a cash deal and was accomplished in only 30 days. This package of mortgage debt consists of homes, offices, warehouses, shops in addition to gas stations. Some non-performing mortgages will likely be liquidated through deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Some of the specific deals might receive loan modifications or discounted payoffs. The Company has mentioned that if the property is perceived as operating with good integrity, they might work a deal out with them.

Regulators Pressure Florida Banks

This RER investment company is looking to purchase other bank portfolios in Florida. They believe this South Florida real estate market is improving, and banks are more willing to resolve distressed commercial property mortgage portfolios. Regulators are said to be applying pressure on the banks to dispose of these commercial loans now that they can afford to take the hit.

Since March of 2012, EuroBank had approximately $110 million in assets and 26 percent of its loans were past due. This is with respect to regulatory filings. Earlier this year, federal regulators ordered the bank to repair its existing balance sheet.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategy for Regulators

RER Equities, Inc. is a private real estate investment firm that is expanding its real estate asset portfolio with unique acquisition opportunities. RER Equities’ investment philosophy utilizes a strategy which exploits market supply-demand imbalances. The RER investment team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in identifying under-performing assets, plus creating and optimizing the value of those assets as a result of intensive management. This expertise makes it possible for the RER team to generate above-average risk-adjusted returns for their own investors.

History of EuroBank

Back in 1991 a group of American and European Entrepreneurs set out to launch a fine bank. These American and European Entrepreneurs owned proven records of success and leadership in their communities, so they founded EuroBank. Observing at other banks a continuous decline in the quality of service and a general lack of personal attention, this group was alerted to a growing void in the banking industry. Displeased with this downward trend, the Entrepreneurs were feeling compelled to satisfy an emerging community need. This gave rise for the spirit of EuroBank.

Distressed Commercial Real Estate For Sale

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Distressed Commercial Real Estate

Best Buy Closings 2012: Electronics Giant to Close 50 Stores

Electronic retail giant Best Buy announced Thursday that it will close 50 big box stores in the United States and cut as many as 400 jobs at its corporate headquarters in an effort to improve its bottom line.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Best Buy, once recognized as the discount king of consumer electronics, is caught between high-end brand stores like Apple Stores and low-cost Internet retailers like Amazon.

“Customers have been increasingly migrating online where they often find better deals, forcing Best Buy to figure out a reason why shoppers would need to visit an actual store,” the CSM report stated.

Last year, Best Buy lost a staggering $1.2 billion as it deeply discounted merchandise to keep pace with rivals Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Sue Busch Nehring, a spokeswoman for Best Buy, said the company has not revealed any detail about the locations of the 50 stores it plans to shutter, adding that the retailer will announce the specific store locations and timing for closings “once they are finalized.”

“We are quite deliberate and thoughtful when we make such decisions,” she said in an e-mail message. “We are working to ensure the impact to our employees will be as minimal as possible, while serving all customers in a convenient and satisfying

In light of the job cuts and store closings, Best Buy plans to use the savings — $250 million this year and another $550 million by 2015, according to company projections — to convert its big boxes to smaller “connected stores” which will sell more connections and services with more focus on mobile phones, tablet computers and e-readers.

The company will experiment with the new store models in San Antonio, Texas and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Forbes writes:

“The renovation would reduce store square footage by 20%, and should be finished by next Christmas. These new so-called ‘Connected Stores’ will focus on selling cell phones, tablet computers and e-readers, as well as service plans not offered by Amazon and Wal-Mart. Best Buy employees in these new stores are expected to show customers how to connect electronics in the home.”

According to the IBTimes, Best Buy shares dropped 14.8 percent in the past year, wiping out about $4 billion in market cap. In that same span of time, the S&P 500 index was up 6.4 percent.

With news of the Best Buy store closings, the company’s stock fell nearly 7 percent, or $1.85, to close Thursday at $24.77.

By Michael Söze

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Distressed Commercial Properties and Orange County Retail


Anaheim, California – Our Net Lease Properties news for the week is on Distressed Commercial Properties. The areas of Orange County California and, Florida have been in the Distressed Commercial Real Estate news as of late. There are some NNN Commercial Real Estate Investors who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for that perfect Net Leased property. However we see some of the Triple Net Lease Property Investors jumping on Distressed Commercial Real Estate For Sale. We have an example with a recent Distressed Commercial Property transaction, The Towers at Bella Terra.

Distressed Commercial Properties in Orange County California

The buyers of the valuable Orange County Distressed Commercial Property was Lincoln Property Co. and GEM Realty Capital Inc. for a joint venture. The Partnership of Commercial Real Estate Investors paid $76 million for the Distressed Commercial Property. This was amongst the most significant receivership sales to close recently in Orange County and in the United States. This Distressed Commercial property was obtained at under 49% of the prior sales price. This was an advantage for these Commercial Real estate Investors to invest in Class A office space in Orange County and Huntington Beach. The previous Commercial Property Loan was over 25% higher than the purchase price of the Distresses Real Estate.

Turn Distressed Commercial Properties into Profitable Net Lease Properties Asset

The Distressed Commercial Properties new Investors have been talking about starting a re-branding campaign of this Net Lease Property. The Distressed Commercial Real Estate Investors plan to immediately begin acquiring new net leases on the empty spaces and to market the Property extensively. The Distressed Commercial Property will receive some renovation and landscaping improvements. The Distressed Commercial Properties Investors have already entered into to negotiations with numerous net lease property Tenants. the Beverly Hills Life Insurance Company is considering expanding in this area.

Retail and Office Distressed Commercial Real Estate For Sale

This Distressed Commercial Property is located at 7777 Edinger Avenue in beautiful Huntington Beach. The Distressed Commercial Real Estate has the California Zip Code of 92647. The Property is known as The Towers at Bella Terra. This Distressed Commercial Real Estate Development is comprised of two, six-story office buildings, a twelve-story office tower as well as two independent retail pads for net lease properties Tenants. This impressive Distressed Commercial Real Estate development is off the San Diego Freeway (The 405) at Beach Boulevard.

Net Lease Properties Tenants in Orange County

The Distressed Commercial Properties are made up of some Buildings which were constructed as recently as 2007. The Net Lease Properties Tenants in these retail pads include Buca Di Beppo and a 24 Hour Fitness, two of the NNN Commercial Real Estate staff favorites. The net lease property tenant, 24 Hour Fitness, currently net leases approximately 35,957 square feet of space. These Distressed Commercial Properties sit on about nine acres of Huntington Beach property in Orange County. The Office net lease property Tenants are able to dine and shop at this Distressed Commercial Property and closely located Establishments.

Nearby Net Lease Properties Tenants:

Buca di Beppo
California Pizza Kitchen
Corner Bakery
Daphne's Greek Cafe
For Goodness Cakes
Jamba Juice
Johnny Rockets
Kabuki Japanese Restaurant
King's Fish House
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Pei Wei Asian Diner
Rockin' Baja Lobster
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Romano's Macaroni Grill
See's Candies
The Cheesecake Factory
Whole Foods Market

Contact for:

Distressed Commercial Properties For Sale



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Friday, October 21, 2011

Distressed Commercial Real Estate For Sale


Coral Gables, Florida - The financial experts keep throwing around the topic of an impending recession. Meanwhile many NNN Commercial Property Investors want to build their Commercial Real Estate Portfolio. What is wrong with integrating some distressed commercial properties into your investment platform if the NOI can be worked out? We have numerous distressed commercial properties and Investors seeking Joint Ventures with distressed commercial real estate acquisitions and development. The opportunities vary as well as realizing that there are funds which are earmarked for distressed commercial properties.

Distressed Commercial Properties with Commercial Financing

Some of the largest NNN Commercial Property Investors have requested Properties in the Distressed Commercial Real Estate industry. They are prepared to take advantage of the slumping economy and build their Commercial Real Estate Portfolio. Given the Financing options on some of these Distressed Commercial Properties, it is not hard to fathom taking the leap. The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff realizes that Commercial Real estate Investments, whether Net Lease Properties or Distressed Properties, go hand in hand with a Life Insurance policy.

Private Equity Jumping Into Distressed Commercial Real Estate

Industry professionals comment that private equity firms have long been interested in various commercial real estate investments so why not Distressed Commercial Properties. NNN Commercial Properties Portfolios have been snatched up by Private Equity Groups. The average Cap Rate on Net Lease Properties might not be attractive for some Investors therefore Distressed Commercial properties may offer more zing. These Private Equity Groups have also shown interest in the Commercial Loan and Financing area of Distressed Commercial Properties.

Turning Distressed Properties Into Profit Bearing Assets

The experienced NNN Lease Property Investor can see methods to turn a Distresses Commercial property around. The NNN Property Investor with funding can realize a few minimal improvements to turn Distressed Commercial Property into assets that are producing profits. We see NNN Lease Property Investors obtaining Commercial Real Estate while investing a fraction of what that Property originally was purchased for.

Distressed Commercial Properties to Build Wealth

We have handled numerous commercial properties which are widely recognized distressed investments in the Country. NNN Commercial Property Investors can come in, buy a Distressed Commercial property on the cheap and convert the property into a money maker. The Commercial Property Investor can do this with basic initiatives, for example maintenance or marketing of vacant commercial space.

Distressed commercial property opportunities diversify your Net Lease Properties Portfolio. Also contact Professionals at Florida Life Insurance to help with your estate planning involving Commercial Real Estate Investments.


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Friday, October 14, 2011

NNN Commercial Real Estate and Life Insurance


Los Angeles, California - This Net Lease Properties news post will update periodically. This NNN Commercial Real Estate market is constantly changing no matter how the economy continues to slump. There are various types of transactions to build wealth with net Lease Properties such as our Investors involved in Joint Ventures (JV).

Commercial Real Estate and Investment Property Portfolios for Building Wealth

The NNN Commercial Real Estate investors know the work and research involved in building wealth with Net Lease Properties, Apartment Buildings and other Commercial Property types. The NNN Commercial Real estate Investor has to think about passing their assets on to their Loved Ones. The majority of NNN Commercial Real Estate Investors do not want to see their Properties lost to the Government.

NNN Commercial Real Estate and Asset Protection

Many Financial Advisors believe that Life Insurance needs to be an important part of a Commercial Real estate Investor's estate plan. First and foremost Commercial Real Estate Investors want to protect their Loved Ones. Therefore now is the time to get around to estate planning and protecting your wealth. Commercial Real Estate Investors could have a fantastic Triple Net Lease Properties Portfolio but lack liquidity. Life Insurance can provide a sufficient amount of cash accessible to cover death taxes as well as other final expenses. Life Insurance can help alleviate this leading concern for many Commercial Real estate Investors.

Life Insurance to Protect the Loved Ones of Net Lease Properties Investors

The NNN Commercial Real Estate Investor can use Life Insurance as an excellent asset protection element. Even though there are quite a few various types of life insurance, it can be explained by Professionals in a simple manner. Now is the time to check out Life Insurance so for more information contact Cheaper Term Life Insurance.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whole Foods Market Net Lease Properties and Mixed-Use

Las Vegas, Nevada - Our NNN Lease Properties news is on the ups and downs in the Nevada Commercial Real Estate market. There is a beautiful Nevada Commercial Real Estate Development with a Whole Foods Market that caught our eye. The Commercial Property is The District at Green Valley Ranch. The Commercial Real Estate Developers of this property started out with approximately $85 Million into it. The District at Green Valley Ranch is a cutting edge mixed-use property that combines retail Net Lease Properties, restaurants, and the Whole Foods Market. Also this mixed-use property has office space and residential units situated in a beautiful designed area.

Whole Foods Market and Commercial Real Estate Development

The concept of the Nevada Mixed-use property is to bring in People to live and not have to drive far for shopping. The pedestrian friendly development was a perfect retail shopping center with great restaurants also. The Office Space net lease Tenants can frequent the dining establishments or grab something from the Nevada Whole foods. This is a great environment for net lease properties.

Commercial Real Estate Developers of this Mixed-use property wanted architects to design it to keep shoppers and visitors there for the entire day. The District at Green Valley Ranch has it all, and current entertainment that can be seen with just a short stroll.


Nevada Commercial Properties in Foreclosure

However with the Nevada economy slumping worse than most and unemployment through the roof for the State, the NNN Commercial Real Estate Development started to falter. So the inevitable happened and the Nevada mixed-use property went into default like some of the other high profile Nevada Commercial Real Estate Developments. The Net Lease Properties site saw the same thing happen to Town Square, Boca Fashion Village and the commercial property that was intended for the Great Mall of Las Vegas.

Commercial Mortgage Default on Nevada Retail Shopping Center

Earlier in the year The District at Green Valley Ranch had been sold to cover some of the defaulted commercial mortgage. The Owner - Developer who lost the Nevada Mixed-use property was American Nevada Company. The new owners happened to be Village Walk LL which is a Nevada limited liability company. The Owners are net lease property investors from the Miami Beach area. The District at Green Valley Ranch was obtained at the public auction for $50 million. When purchasing NNN Commercial Real Estate, it is wise to check on obtaining Cheaper Term Life Insurance coverage.

The District at Green Valley Ranch has Whole Foods Market and Cheesecake Factory

The Net Lease Properties site found more information on this Nevada Mixed-use property. It started with a 25 acre phase one with a combination of retail net lease properties, office and 88 loft style condos. Now it got real interesting with the second stage of development. That consists of approximately 50,116 square feet of office space which sits on top of retail net lease properties. This is the net lease properties with various Tenants including the Whole Foods Market and Cheesecake Factory for dining.

NNN Commercial Real Estate Benefits

Many NNN Commercial Real Estate Investors see The District at Green Valley Ranch as a high quality trophy property. Many Net Lease Properties Investors would like this in their Portfolio. This Nevada Mixed-use property should have a profitable future. Some of the other benefits of this pedestrian oriented mixed-use property is a street plaza, as well as an attractive central park, that includes a uniquely classic styled Carousel that the kids will love.

Nevada Net Lease Properties Tenants

Al's Garage
Alligator Soup
AVEDA - Gianna Christine Salon Spa & Wellness
Balboa Pizza Company
Ben & Jerry's
Brighton Collectibles
Coldwater Creek
Color Me Mine
Crazy Pita Rotisserie & Grill
DaMincci Jewelers
DownEast Basics
Elephant Bar
Fidelity Investments
Flea Bag's Barkery & Bow-tique
Francesca's Collections
Hallmark Gold Crown
Janie and Jack
Jos. A. Bank Clothier
Josie's Frozen Yogurt
King's Fish House
Las Vegas Golf & Tennis
Las Vegas Pilates
Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
Magnolia Lane
My Gym Children's Fitness Center
Optic Gallery
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Panera Bread
Pottery Barn
Pure Beauty Salon
Rachel's Kitchen
Red Rock Jewelers
Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana
Sola Salon
Soma Intimates
The Cheesecake Factory
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
The District Guest Services
The Sports Shop
The Walking Company
West Elm
White House - Black Market
Whole Foods Market

Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa

This Nevada commercial property loaded with high end net lease property tenants is situated next to the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa. The Resort consists of over 490 comfortable hotel rooms, casino, and resort spa. That Top rated Resort is currently owned and operated by Stations Casinos. They developed that resort and spa as a vacation spot away from the ever popular Las Vegas strip. The NNN Commercial Real Estate staff would describe the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa as owning a feeling of a European styled casino.

Net Lease Properties Investors

We have private investors and institutional buyer groups seeking to purchase Net Lease Properties and Commercial Real Estate Portfolios. Our high net worth investors are located all across the Globe and can close on Net Lease Property opportunities throughout the United States.


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Net Lease Properties Commercial Real Estate News


Our NNN Commercial Real Estate website provides an in-depth look at Net Lease Properties, Apartment Buildings and various Commercial Real Estate Investments. We offer breaking news for the majority of Commercial real estate markets across the United States. Feel free to Contact us to sell your Net Lease Properties. We have thousands of NNN Commercial Real Estate Investors on the sidelines with capital to purchase your Triple Net Lease Properties.

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